Measurement Benchmarks  
Measurement Benchmarks

Measurement is the mathematics that helps us consider questions like: how big? how far? how hot? how much? what time? etc. Because there are so many different types of measurements, students must learn to use a variety of measurement tools and understand the meaning of information related to different units and systems of measure. Many students find it helpful to link specific measurement ideas (size, weight, length, etc.) to personal ideas and experiences that they can easily remember. These connections serve students as personal indicators or "measurement benchmarks" that they can use to estimate or visualize measurements.

Benchmark Measures

Measurement Common Benchmarks
1 inch length from tip of thumb to first joint
1 centimeter thickness of the index finger
1 foot length of a three-ring notebook
1 kilogram weight (mass) of a math textbook
1 minute time it takes to count to 60 saying "one thousand" between each number
1 pound weight of a loaf of bread
1 ounce weight of a slice of bread
1 gram weight (mass) of a shoelace
1 yard distance from the tip of the nose to the tip of the middle finger
1 meter  
1 kilometer  
1 mile a 20 minute walking distance
1 gallon  
1 quart  
1 liter  
1 hour  
1 square inch a scrabble letter tile
1 square foot  
1 square yard  
1 square meter